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A timeline of events.
The calendar is based on the Tiraan Empire's founding[1].

Before Pantheon Ascension[]

  • -30800: First ascension cycle begins[2]
  • -8600: Scyllith elevates Belosiphon the Black[3]

Before Empire[]

  • -6800: Elder Wars, Pantheon ascends
  • -6600: Scyllith ousted from Hell[4]
  • -1831 to -1828[5]: Third Hellwar, Bonus Chapters #46-#47 The Light of Dawn, Bonus Chapter #13 Along Came a Spider part 1
  • -1224: Bonus Chapter #12 Along Came a Spider part 2
  • -106: Bonus Chapter #11 Along Came a Spider part 3

After Empire[]

  • 1031: Last version of Findlestin's adventuring book[7]
  • 1080?: Athan'Khar nuked; Enchanter Wars
  • 1100: Bonus Chapters #34-#37 Divine Right
  • 1115: Bonus Chapter #10 Along Came a Spider part 4
  • 1160: Class of 1182 is born
  • 1167: Bonus Chapter #1 Captain's Orders
  • 1170: Bonus Chapters #41-#43 The Audit
  • 1173: Bonus Chapter #5 Of Which Reasons Knows Nothing
  • 1174: Seven girls possessed by archdemons
  • 1177: Elilial joins the Emperor's harem[9]

Story Start[]


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    And it's actually 1181 in-universe as of Book 15."
  2. “Do you have any idea how long people have lived on this planet?” he asked almost plaintively. “We can’t say for certain, because the ascension cycles aren’t exactly the same length every time. They’re all similar, though, within a margin of error. It’s been eight thousand years since the last; that’s roughly the period. There were three ascension cycles during the Infinite Order’s right. That rounds to about twenty-four thousand years.
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