Arachne Tellwyrn is the founder, director, and professor of History at Unseen University. She is over 3,000 years old and has achieved a variety of remarkable feats over the course of those three millennia.

Tellwyrn is possibly the greatest archmage in the world. Because of her skill and her involvement in taking down Emperors and gods alike, she is considered a Class Zero Personified Event in the eyes of the Tiraan Empire. It is a recurring motif throughout TGAB that people run from her once they realize who she is.

Early Life and Family Edit

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Of Tellwyrn's earliest years, not much is known. It was revealed by Robin, an elf living near Sarasio, that Tellwyrn had lost her husband about a century before TGAB took place. Although Gabriel finds this a poor excuse for her somewhat explosive behavior, Robin explains the following:

“To an elf, however, a heartbreak dominates the mind for longer than the average human lives. I assure you, to an elf, the loss of a mate a century ago is a very raw wound indeed. So have a little patience with Arachne. She lives with a great deal of pain, and yet devotes her energies to educating people who will likely be dead before she herself is fully healed.” - Book 4, Ch. 2
Additionally, she has alluded to having five children, all by human fathers. None were raised by her. Four are confirmed to be deceased, but due to their human parentage, it is not unlikely that they died of natural causes. The status and identity of the fifth child is unknown.

Role in the Elder War Edit

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Notable Feats Edit

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Tellwyrn aided Elilial in overthrowing Scyllith, enabling Elilial to take on the mantle of Queen of Hell.

She also appears to have killed Sorash, one of the Elder Gods.

In addition, Tellwyrn was part of a plot to bolster the Silver Throne, moving Sarsamon Tirasan from a puppet position into a true Emperor. This was done by mobilizing the Stalweiss warlord, Horsebutt the Enemy.

Personality and Beliefs Edit

Tellwyrn is extremely confident in her abilities, which leads her to sometimes come off as arrogant or even cocky. Coupled with her stubbornness and blunt manner of speaking, she can be a difficult person to interact with. However, although people fear her for her supposed "trigger-happy" nature, she does not appear to take pleasure from harming others and has shown mercy even to those who she is hunting down.

Tellwyrn typically does not bend to authority, seeming to view herself as someone who has the ability to punish nations and powerful individuals alike. However, she is aware of her own limitations and has shown a willingness to cooperate in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

As an educator, Tellwyrn is sometimes rather harsh, which is reflected in classroom methods as well as in her assignments and field trips. However, she is fiercely protective of all the students at Unseen University and makes that a priority, regardless of the consequences. Tellwyrn also shows moments of kindness and sincere sympathy, such as when she replaced Gabriel's coat after it burned, or when she helped Trissiny process after finding out the identity of her mother.