A drow city ruled by queen Arkasia . The city has good relations with the Empire. Its drow worship Themynra. Each House has a specialty.

Known HousesEdit

  • Vyendir: metalworkers  (known members : Tazun tyl Vrashti n'dr Vyendir, Laouri his eldest sister, Vrashti his mother)


nur : "a matriarch’s younger daughter. Of her bloodline, but not positioned to inherit the matriarch’s position should her mother pass"

tyl : "indicates that I am a direct biological male child of my mother,in good standing with her"

n’dar : "indicating that my mother is highly placed within our House, though not of the nobility, and that I am thus the same, as my political relationship with her is normal".

Citations from TGAB Bonus #14: Judgment and Justice, part 1 .