Naiya is the Goddess of Nature. She is sometimes referred to as "the Mother," by the Huntsmen of Shaath, as seen from Ingvar (Book 10, Ch. 36). Her being is spread across all nature, but has some connection with the Deep Wild, as Arachne Tellwryn was able to gain an audience with her there.

She was originally a human and a member of the Infinite Order, a group of mortals who Ascended and became known as the Elder Gods.

Ascension Edit

Both the Elder Gods and the Pantheon have achieved ascension. However, as an Elder deity, Naiya operates under slightly different regulations than the younger gods do. Her essence is more "diffuse" in comparison and, as such, she is less able to act independently despite being more powerful than the deities of the Pantheon (Yornhaldt, Book 3, Ch 3).

It has been revealed that Naiya is the source of the fae school of magic in the Circle of Interaction, as she gifted fairy magic to the world upon Ascending.

Role in the Elder War Edit

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To put it simply, Naiya aided the Pantheon in overturning the Elder Gods. She also used her abilities to hide or otherwise destroy any remaining Infinite Order facilities.

Children Edit

Over the course of time, Naiya has created three generations of children, all female. The Kitsune are her eldest daughters, created before the Elder War and with full knowledge of life on Earth. Following the expulsion of the Kitsune to the Twilight Forest, Naiya tried again to make daughters, this time resulting in the Valkyries. Finally, long after the Valkyries were moved to an alternate plane, Naiya formed the Dryads in her third and final attempt.

Known Children
Generation Name First Appearance Description
Kitsune Ekoi Kaisa Book 8, Ch. 3 Dark green kimono with white ferns embroidered around the hem and cuffs. Tail and ears of reddish fur, with tail tipped in white.
Emi Book 12, Ch. 22 White kimono with blossoms embroidered in lavender. Tail and ears white, and tipped in black. Pale complexion.
Kyomi Book 12, Ch. 25
Akane Book 12, Ch. 42 Unknown kimono color. Ears of reddish-brown fur with tufts of black. Tail presumably matches.
Valkyries Vestrel Book 8, Ch. 8
Yrsa a.k.a. Walker Book 12, Ch. 3
Dryads Juniper Book 1, Ch. 3 Green skin, green-gold hair, and brown eyes.
Aspen End of Book 4, in Bonus #4 Pale gold skin that is almost white, light green hair, ? eyes.
Larch End of Book 4, in Bonus #4
Jaracandra a.k.a. the Pixie Queen End of Book 6, in Bonus #6 Elfin in size and build, with a cloud of wispy azure hair. Of notable interest are her ears, which are "resplendently long, though basically elvish in shape" and "towered above her and leaned somewhat out to the sides, sort of like a rabbit’s". She also has four wings between her shoulder blades, in the arrangement of dragonfly wings.
Hawthorn Book 12, Ch. 16 Unusual for a dryad, Hawthorn is described as "nearly flat-chested and just short of bony, with pale skin and subtle striations rather like willow bark. Feathery hair of pale green and white. White irises.
Apple Book 12, Ch. 16 Curvier than Hawthorn. Rosy complexion. Red and pink hair.
Mimosa Book 12, Ch. 16 Pink hair.
Ash a.k.a. Ashley Book 12, Ch. 6 Brown hair cut boyishly short. Often dressed in a men's jacket and tie.
Maple, Beech, Poplar, Pine, Rowan Mentioned at the end of Book 4, in Bonus #4 No individual descriptions.
Cedar, Cherry, Sequoia Mentioned in Book 8, Ch. 10 No individual descriptions.