Last Rock is a small frontier town in the Tiraan Empire, roughly sixteen hundred miles to the northwest of Tiraas, at the rim of the space-altering magical prairie dubbed the Golden Sea. It has a Rail connection with Calderaas, and might have been rather uninteresting if not for its most prominent feature - the huge rock that juts out of the ground, atop which sits the Unseen University. The town itself sits at the base of the rock.

Since 1178, there have been several new building and business additions to the town, mostly due to the various side-effects of the Unseen University students. For example, Trissiny encouraged the building of a Silver Mission outpost in the town, aimed at poor or otherwise in-need women.


Ale & Wenches, a tavern

Rail Station  


Sheriff's office and Jail  

Temple of Vidius

Silver Mission

Known Residents

Akers : Local doctor in town

Cleese : Current Mayor

Cratchley, Mabel : crotchety and extremly opinionated resident

Crete, Jason : former Imperial Army soldier

Crete, Silas : Scrolltower operator

Laws, Father : cleric in town

Lowery : owner of the Ale & Wenches tavern

Sanders, Samuel  : Sheriff

Taft, Hiram : owner of Last Rock’s bank

Tarvadegh, Val : priest of Vidius (1183)

Whipportwill, Ox : deputy to the sheriff

Wilson : citizen of Last Rock