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The Infinite Order was an organization of tightly-knit individuals (primarily scientists and engineers) dedicated to the pursuit of science. These individuals were humans originally born on Earth who departed to create the TGAB planet, which was established as a research and development facility. They are the creator beings of the planet and all its individuals. This explains some similarities to Earth's species, as well as why certain races are skewed towards the lore that is found on Earth. Walker was quick to recommend Tolkien as a source that would help Milanda Darnassy better understand the Infinite Order.

Philosophy Edit

The Infinite Order believed that reason and science held the keys to the purpose of sapient life and the universe itself.

“The Infinite Order held central the belief that reality, the collective laws of physics, was a conscious thing, and the physical universe was its attempt to understand itself, possibly to reach its own fulfillment. Evolution marked the long process from base elements to sapient life, and was a purposeful and meaningful event.” - Walker, from Book 12, Ch. 23

The Ascension Project Edit

The Ascension Project was a collaborative effort between the members of the Infinite Order. The purpose of the project was to find a way to unbind one's consciousness from their biological shell, which the Infinite Order ultimately did succeed in doing. They believed that transcending evolution and existence would be advancing the goal of the universe itself.

It appears that there was some disagreement between the individuals of the Infinite Order as to whether the Ascension Project was the answer to understanding the purpose of the universe, but it is unknown when this divergence of thought occurred.

For more information on the criteria of Ascension or the differences between the Ascension of the Infinite Order and the Pantheon, please visit the Ascension page.

Alterations Edit

Planetary Alterations Edit

In order to make the Ascension Project possible, the Infinite Order had to manipulate the space around the planet in complex and unnatural ways. A secondary purpose of the folded space ensured that the planet was (and continues to be) secure from contact or incursion by outside elements. This suggests that the Infinite Order was wary of their experiments being interrupted, possibly by other individuals from Earth. However, the Infinite Order did see it fit to include several well-hidden connections to other worlds as possible escape routes if their experiments rendered the planet uninhabitable.

A side effect of this folded space is that it is unusually easy to dimensionally travel on this planet compared to other ones. This may explain why travel such as shadow-jumping or teleporting is not considered more impressive, such as in other works of fiction.

Species Alterations Edit

Among the list of their experiments, several of the Infinite Order carried out trials which modified the basic human genome. This led to the direct creation of several species encountered in TGAB. A list of those species and their creators can be found under the Known Members subsection below.

It is unknown which member created the elves, but it is necessary to point out that they are a human sub-species which is so dependent upon transcension fields for the function of their metabolism that they would swiftly perish if removed from this planet. Their creation was one of the arguments for eliminating the Infinite Order.

Fall of the Infinite Order Edit

(In progress).

Since first enacting the process of Ascension, the Infinite Order became increasingly psychologically unstable. At a certain point, they had descended to infighting and generally regarded the planet’s mortal populations as slave labor and research subjects. Genetic experiments that were performed were impractical and dangerous to the subjects.

During the Elder War, the Pantheon used a deliberately defective form of ascension which was not actually intended to produce ascended beings. Instead, its purpose was to alter the way ascension occurs, which lead to the destruction of any currently ascended beings who failed to meet specific criteria. The clause which enabled the Pantheon to also ascension was merely a loophole necessary in order to ensure the survival of Naiya, who aided their efforts.

Scyllith has been variously reported as helping the Pantheon, or simply remaining in spiteful neutrality after her Infinite Order colleagues treated her poorly. Additionally, other members of the IO were either neutral or allies of the Pantheon in the rebellion against the Infinite Order. Avatar03 identified the four remaining possibly alive members as being either allies or neutral: Vel Hryed, Araneid, Druroth, and Infriss. Tarthriss also was a close and important ally of the rebellion.

Further information on the events which led to and details of the Elder War can be found on the Elder War page.

Loose Ends Edit

Remnants of the Elder Gods are strewn throughout the world and its several continents. Prime amongst the relics left by the Infinite Order are the Great Dungeons which were formerly the individual homes of the Elder Gods. The Crawl, for example, was the personal roost of Druroth.

Avatar Three indicated that as many as 16 transcension fields still exist in a low level and an unused state. These fields are also known as magic, but only four schools of magic are currently known and in use. Transcension fields were previously tools of the Infinite Order and were personally assigned to each ascended being. The untapped fields, registered to IO members who are long deceased, make up the incredibly vast and unknown possibilities of shadow magic.

The Moon is an artificial space station which the IO used. It was integral to creating an Earth-like planet through artificial engineering. It is unclear what the current status of "Luna Station" is.

Seven people are in stasis in the Spaceport, under Tiraas, in the medical wing. They are still alive members of the IO. Walker and the Hands have not penetrated further into the facility because of the uncertain dangers posed by traps left by the Infinite Order from their conflict with the Pantheon. The Archpope and Church have also dug into the caverns of the Spaceport but not gotten far in. Khadizroth and the team of adventurers who are reluctantly working under the Archpope in hopes of eventually thwarting their blackmailing master have also taken portions of the Spaceport for themselves, in the belief that the Archpope will not know or be able to reach their secrets. Khadizroth has hidden Ayuvesh and others in the Infinite Order's Spaceport

Known Members Edit

Some, if not all, of the members of the Infinite Order are also known as the Elder Gods.

Known Members Status Profession Associated Species Notes
Naiya Alive Kitsune, Valkyries, Dryads do not count, as they fall under the "connected consciousness" category. Known as Mother Nature
Scyllith Alive Demons are modifications or imitations of other members' experiments, but do count. Associated with Beauty and Cruelty after Pantheon revolt. Assisted Pantheon against other IO, but thereafter is an antagonist.
Heilo Presumed Dead Maker of Doors to Other Universes. May also have constructed the escape hatch for the IO in the Golden Sea, which causes the instability.
Araneid In the process of returning to life from a state described as undead. Temporal monkeying involved. Biologist Drow, engineered from Elves. Associated with Spiders. Professor Tellwyrn has been referred to as the Spider Priestess, and may be Araneid's High Priestess in addition to other roles such as with Vemnesthesis.
Druroth Unknown Systems engineer The Crawl was his personal domain. In there he hid from his IO colleague artificial intelligence experiments which would be illegal under the IO's lax laws.
Infriss Unknown Physicist
Rauzon, the Prime Deceased
Tarthriss Deceased Computer Programmer Created the Avatars. Aided the Pantheon revolt, but refused ascension believing it immoral. Kindly disposed toward mortals.
Vel Hreyd Unknown Genetic engineer Gnomes, fully artificially engineered.
Caraistha Presumed Dead Assisted in the creation of various magics, possibility the fount of "shadow" magic.
Meynherem Deceased Reportedly a fan or perhaps paramour of Scyllith's.