What begins as a traditional dungeon-crawling exercise for the University students turns nightmarish when they run afoul of hidden politics in the depths.  Below the campus itself lies the Crawl, a vast network of tunnels filled with traps, enemies and the promise of loot–but this is not the Age of Adventures, and even here, the forces of change are stirring.  Caught between demons, drow explorers, the looming influence of Professor Tellwyrn herself and even the long-lost queen of the Crawl, the students will be brutally tested by an exposure of all their own secrets before they can strike back at their foes, much less escape.

Simmering tensions erupt into outright war when the Black Wreath goes on the offensive, attempting to assassinate Darling’s entire cadre of Bishops and staging demonstrations in the streets of Tiraas.  Before he can intervene, the Thieves’ Guild and the Sisters of Avei strike back at the Wreath–playing right into their hands.  Darling is left with few options, and must call on every remaining trick and ally he can muster to stymie the Wreath’s assault, all the while painfully aware he doesn’t know their true objective…

Table of Contents and Synopsis