Something terrifying has surfaced.  The oracles refuse to speak of anything but the danger looming, and Darling, finding his own research obstructed by their warnings, is forced to address this threat–and the fact that Archpope Justinian has almost certainly moved to meet it first.  Their long-running game continues, this time with a source of unimaginable evil as the prize in a game no one can truly win.

The world is paying little attention to this, however, being distracted by the sudden arrival en masse of dragons in the Imperial capital, demanding to be recognized and accepted by mortal society.  This world-shaking event has thrown all political calculations into chaos, but the much lesser concerns of Principia and her squad are quickly dragged into the mix as they are once again singled out for an unknown purpose by a power well beyond them–this time, one even she cannot easily outmaneuver.

The assignment of the Class of 1182 to address comparatively minor problems in a quaint border city seems relatively idyllic in comparison, at least at first.  As usual in their presence, matters start to unravel almost immediately.  Before long, it becomes clear that all of these events are tied together, and that the various parties working toward their own ends in distant parts of the world will affect one another’s fates in ways none can imagine…

Table of Contents and Synopsis