The stakes escalate for the University students when they are sent to resolve a crisis in the frontier town of Sarasio–where their class exercise will have serious, far-reaching consequences for the lives of real people.  The task pushes their skills past their limits, for the group has to not only stifle their own infighting, but bring together enemy factions and organize them against a crafty and persistent enemy…or watch as Sarasio dies.

Terror reigns in Tiraas, where an elusive killer has been striking down priests who should have been untouchable behind temple defenses.  Bishop Darling is appointed part of the team sent to hunt this and other elusive foes in the streets of the capital–which positions him perfectly to advance his goals, as he is the only one who knows the truth of the matter.  But he and his fellow Bishops have been deceived, and it is one of their very targets who holds the key to their salvation–if they are willing to risk becoming pawns in her plans…

Table of Contents and Synopsis