A new year sees the arrival of new faces at the University–and being the kind of institution it is, some of the incoming students are exceedingly dangerous individuals, and waste no time in proving it.  For the returning Class of 1182, however, there are still unaddressed repercussions of the hellgate crisis, as well as new problems, which threaten to weaken and drive them apart.

In Tiraas, Principia has resurfaced in the most unlikely of places: as an enlisted private in the Silver Legions.  Even here, though, plots and politics follow her, as she and her new squad find themselves victims of political machinations from far above them.  But Principia Locke is no one’s victim and no stranger to scheming.  The question is not whether she will survive the attentions of her new enemies, but how much damage she is willing to cause in throwing them back…

Table of Contents and Synopsis