Drow house in Tar'naris , This house is specialized in diplomacy.

Its present matriarch is  Ashaele nur Tamashi zae Awarrion , first drow to approach the Silver Throne. She started the normalization of relations between Tiraas and Tar’naris.

House members : 

Awarrion,Ashaele nur Tamashi zae : Matriarch

Her daughters

Awarrion, Shaeine nur Ashaele d'zin : Unseen University student

Awarrion, Nahil (TGAB Bonus 3 : Hero )

Awarrion, Heral (TGAB Bonus 3 : Hero)


Zoe : human

Riley : human

They were enslaved on trumped-up charges and are well-treated (TGAB 5-21)