This page is for the religion of Avenism. If looking for information on Avei, the Silver Legions, or the Universal Church, please seek out their respective pages. 

Avenism is the name of the religion based on the goddess Avei. Her cult is known as The Sisters of Avei, who observe her in a religious capacity (as opposed to the Silver Legions, who simple serve in Avei's name).

The Sisterhood only accepts women, although men work with both the Sisterhood and the Silver Legions in various capacities. Due to the common seclusion of female Avenists, the religion tends to attract misandrists despite its attempt to discourage misandry.

Common professions of Avenists include policemen, lawyers, and judges. They are known to uphold the law, sometimes to a fault.

Relationship to Hands of AveiEdit

Avenists seem to be rather practical in their beliefs and do not worship Hands of Avei, although there are fanatics in every religion. November Stark has shown to be rather enamored with Trissiny Avelea, although that may be a romantic infatuation.

It appears that many (if not all) known Hands of Avei were practitioners of the faith in some capacity before being called by Avei.

Avenist Temples Edit

Women practitioners of Avenism can join an abbey, where a variety of professions await them. Some women may be fleeing domestic violence or other unsafe scenarios and go to the Abbeys to escape. Abbeys take in female orphans and raise them until they are of age. Orphans raised in an Avenist abbey or temple are given the surname Avelea.

There are also Avenist temples, where general worshippers can visit to pay homage to their deity. The central temple is in Tiraas.

Temple Locations Edit

Known Avenist temples include the following:

  • Viridill Abbey, the childhood home of the current Hand of Avei
  • Temple of Avei in Tiraas

LGBTQ+ Views Edit

Avei supports the right of women to love whoever and in whatever way they choose. In fact, homosexual relationships involving women are looked upon rather favorably and are even idealized within Avei's abbeys. Trissiny once commented that she was thirteen before anyone thought to tell her that being attracted to men wasn't wrong (Book 2, Ch. 6).

Trans women specifically are accepted in Avenist culture, although it is unknown as to their viewpoint on trans men. Trans women can become priestesses of Avei, but are not allowed to serve in the Silver Legions. The reasoning for this is also unknown.