Gabriel Arquin, known as Gabe, is a half-demon student of the class of 1182 at Unseen University. He is a paladin and the Hand of Vidius

His father, Jonathan Arquin is a veteran of the Imperial Army. His mother was a demon, an hethelax.

He was born in 1164, and has lived with his best friend Toby in Tiraas.

>He is dark-haired, copper-skinned, usually unkempt in appearance, and favors long coats.

Mostly well-meaning, but his mouth runs well ahead of his intelligence and common sense, and his hethelax side occasionally crops up as dangerous anger.

After the closing of the hellgate  over Unseen University in 1182, he was chosen  by Vidius as his Hand.

The Vidians sent then the cleric Val Tarvadegh to teach him. Gabriel is protected by the Valkyries notably Vestrel.

During his mission in Veilgrad in 1183, he mounted Whisper, his divine mount. He posses a divine weapon given by Vidius, and has a sword named Ariel.