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Bishop of the Universal Church from the cult of Eserion (Thieves' Guild) and its former High Priest. His tag is Sweet.  Darling is very much a people person and a model Eserite. Has an obsession with finding out more about Elilial. Physically, he is tall, lean, and blond. He is in his late thirties'.[1]

Beyond his Bishop duties, he is also the Church liaison for the Imperial security council and has been chosen by Justinian along with 3 other Bishops to handle Church business.
And so he must handle his responsibilities and loyalties while countering Justinian's plots and researching for his own agenda.

He employs a Butler, Sabrina Price, and two headhunters elves he's mentoring: Fauna and Flora.

  1. Webb on Discord, 5 February 2020 03:16 GMT
    "I deliberately left myself wiggle room by not nailing it down, but Sweet I've pictured in his late thirties or early forties,"